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Voyager Instruments - providing dynamic measurement solutions. 
Protecting critical assets with INSIGHT FDS (Force Detection Sensor)

Health condition monitoring for fluid film bearings

Hendrix Precision Maintenance - providing the most effective reliability and precision maintenance training to instantly enhance your team's abilities and skill set.
Datamura  Solutions - providing solutions for addressing the issues revolving around equipment, from data gathering to data failure, customized according to the nature of your manufacturing business.
BreeziPro - traditional condition-based reliability systems have been cost-prohibitive for most facility managers.  BreeziPro changes that and puts predictive insights within their reach.
Test Oil - focused on reducing industrial facility's maintenance cost and in avoiding unexpected downtime through implementation of a oil analysis program and our state-of-the-art-laboratory services.
Electrical Diagnostic Surveys (EDS) - the most comprehensive up-to-date on-site electrical safety training, electrical engineering services, equipment labeling and consultation within the industry, meeting and exceeding the mandates of OSHA, NFPA 70E, and NEC.
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