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Enhanced Predictive Maintenance (ePdM) combines a properly designed, installed and managed deployment of predictive technologies with best practices, standard processes and data analytics to identify and eliminate most reoccurring failures at their root.



  • Creates additional value for the PdM investments

  • Focuses on loss / failure elimination and adding to overall reliability

  • Increases planning & maintenance productivity

  • Increases throughput / reduces downtime / MTBF

  • Reduces troubleshooting time / decreases MTTR


ePdM builds a solid foundation for plants and facilities to prepare for new approaches; including IIoT, machine learning and predictive analytics by focusing on four key areas:

  • Doing the right things for the right reasons - design (new) or optimization (existing) programs

  • Managing to set standards, processes and procedures to achieve KPIs and stated goals

  • Delivering high-quality analysis, reporting and statistical trending

  • Identifying reoccurring failure modes and applying RCFA techniques for corrective actions

Primary Offerings


ePdM Program Design

For organizations with no formal PdM program, we can design a ePdM program that uses appropriate technology to identify failure modes at the lowest cost. Learn More


PdM Program Assessment

For organizations with an existing PdM program, we can review the program’s effectiveness to ensure it is achieving maximum results based on available equipment, resources, budget and tools. Learn More


ePdM Program Management

For organizations with a newly designed or existing PdM program, we can provide onsite and remote service to manage the program’s effectiveness and ensure it is achieving desired results. Learn More


ePdM Management Workshop

For organization's leadership who desire an understanding on how Enhanced Predictive Maintenance can achieve true reliability gains within their facilities. Available is a standard four-hour session or customized to fit your specific requirements or needs. Email us to learn more


ePdM Practitioner’s Workshop  (Now available in a web-based remote session)

For organization's desiring a detailed understanding of the deployment model and the technologies utilized in a Predictive Maintenance program. The primary focus is the strategy, processes, best practices, procedures, technologies and the analytics deployed  to facilitate a program achieving its stated goals and managing for true reliability gains. Available is a standard three-day session or customized to fit your specific requirements or needs. Learn More

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