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Predictive Maintenance Program Assessment



For organizations with an existing PdM program, a current state review / evaluation of the program and its effectiveness. The assessment identifies program strengths and where gaps exist against best in class deployment models. Addressing gaps will ensure the program can achieve maximum results based on available equipment, resources, budget and tools.

Our Reliability Engineer will conduct a detailed review of the site’s PdM program, including interviews with key site stakeholders and leadership. Our experts will assess the program’s current state functionality, processes and progress toward stated program goals to ensure your PdM program is optimized to save you time, unnecessary cost and focused on achieving reliable operations.










The assessment can be customized to focus or achieve the desired results. The overall duration will depend on the size of the facility, number of PdM technologies deployed, and the number of assets included in the program.


PdM Program Assessment Elements

  • Verify and document the personnel, process and equipment coverage for your PdM program

  • Review current facility metrics and equipment history

  • Carefully evaluate the existing PdM program using a formal scorecard rating system

  • Examine historical PdM data, alarming and collection specifications

  • Determine or certify the appropriate PdM technique for each application

  • Pinpoint any issues or problems gathering routine data

  • Develop recommendations for continuous improvement

  • Identify training and recommend a skills development plan

  • Evaluate and establish performance metrics and benchmarking

  • Recommend data collection hardware platform for efficiency, cost savings, and help in remote analysis


PdM Program Assessment Benefits

  • The program is evolving to meet the stated goals

  • The program is adaptable to changing maintenance and operating environment

  • The program is revised to emphasize aspects that bring significant return on investment

  • Cost justification is obtained before significant funds are expended

  • Measurable metrics are established so you can easily identity performance trends

  • Cultural issues that lead to roadblocks are identified and a plan is designed to overcome them

  • Your program is positioned for next generation advancements and predictive analytics

  • Partner with third-party PdM vendors to provide recommendations and enhancements


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