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Predictive Maintenance Program Guided Self-Assessment (complementary)                        


As part of a Condition-based Maintenance approach, Predictive maintenance is a program that uses the equipment’s operating condition to make data-driven decisions which improves quality, productivity and profitability. Predictive maintenance is a component of a larger asset management strategy to proactively diagnose, prevent and postpone failures


While many PdM programs focus on applying specific technologies like vibration monitoring or oil analysis, it’s also important to embrace best practices for establishing, managing and sustaining results from a comprehensive PdM program. A enhanced predictive maintenance program can deliver significant benefits to your workplace:

  • Improved overall reliability and increased productivity

  • Improved quality and safety

  • Reduced emergencies and downtime

  • Reduced PM events, troubleshooting and repair costs


Select the link below to schedule a complementary web call for a PdM guided self-assessment that will identify the areas where your current program shines, where it could improve to yield better results and improve the impact for your operation.


February 2020                                                  Do you consider your PdM program a reliability program?

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